How to Reach Keukenhof Gardens

Located in Lisse, Netherlands, Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is one of the world's biggest and grandest gardens. Home to about 7 million Tulips and other rare and beautiful flowers, this garden is a center of attraction for visitors all spring. Keukenhof Gardens location can be reached quite conveniently from any part of the Netherlands.

Every spring, Keukenhof Gardens draws visitors from all corners of the globe to partake in its renowned Tulip Festival. This floral paradise opens its gates to visitors for just two months each year, precisely when the resplendent tulips are in their full, breathtaking bloom. Reaching Keukenhof Gardens is a delightful adventure, offering multiple options. You can opt for an express bus from Amsterdam, or embark on a train journey, followed by a scenic bus ride to the Garden. Another charming choice is to take a train to Sasseinheim and then hop on a bus to Lisse, bringing you to the Garden's doorstep. Moreover, many visitors choose to embrace the Dutch spirit and explore the surroundings on bicycles or by leisurely strolling to the Garden, particularly if they are accommodated nearby.

How to Reach Keukenhof Gardens
From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by Bus (Public Transport)

Bus rides from Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens are the easiest and most economical way to travel. There are numerous bus lines available that one can choose from. You can take a shuttle bus from Amsterdam or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or plan your trip from Amsterdam RAI station, Central Station. The travel time ranges from 25 to 35 minutes, depending on the bus line you chose.

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How to Reach Keukenhof Gardens
From Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens by Direct Transfer Bus

Depending on the boarding stop you are choosing, there are numerous direct transfer buses available that are commonly known as the express bus to reach Keukenhof Gardens location. If you are boarding from Amsterdam RAI Station, you can get on Bus no 852. If you are traveling from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you need to board Bus no 858. Bus no 850 travels directly to the Keukenhof Gardens from Haarlem Central Station and Bus no 854 from Leiden Central Station.

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How to Reach Keukenhof Gardens
From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Train

There is no train service all the way to Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam by train. You can split the journey first by train then board a bus. You will need to board a train from Amsterdam to Leiden Centraal. The nearest stations to the Gardens areHillegom, Sasseinheim and Voorhout. From any of these stations you can board a Leiden - Keukenhof Express Bus no 854. If you are at the Amsterdam RAI station, you can get a train every 20 minutes and reach Schiphol Airport in just 9 minutes. From the airport, you can board the Keukenhof Gardens Express Bus no 858.

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How to Reach Keukenhof Gardens
From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by Car

If you are looking for a comfortable mode of travel to the Keukenhof Gardens, then by road or car is the best option. The distance between Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens is nearly 34.8 km. You can either rent a cab from any supplier or drive yourself, either way, the time taken is about 35 minutes. If you are driving you will need to take the A4 exit Nieuw-Vennep and the A44 exit 3 Lisse. You can add the address of the Keukenhof Gardens to your navigation system to plan a route to the Gardens from wherever you are driving.

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How to Reach Keukenhof Gardens
Walk or Cycle to Keukenhof Gardens

Walking or cycling is definitely one of the best choices to travel to Keukenhof Gardens. But for this you have to be staying somewhere close by. The whole route to the Keukenhof Gardens will take you past various flower fields and each one is more spectacular than the other. The advantage of taking up accommodation near the Garden is you can go early in the morning and enjoy the beauty of the place with very less crowd around. Also, of course, you get to walk or cycle to the Gardens.

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FAQ's of Keukenhof Gardens

Where is Keukenhof Gardens Located?

    The Keukenhof Gardens location is quite convenient for tourists to visit. Situated in the province of South Holland, in the south of Harlem, and southwest of Amsterdam(also known as the Dune and Bulb Region), it is accessible easily by both bus and trains.

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