Events at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Visiting the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is an unforgettable experience, and the events and activities offered only add to the magic. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and beautiful destination, the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are a must-see. One of the most popular events at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is the Flower Parade, which takes place annually in mid-April. This parade features elaborately decorated floats covered in colorful flowers, as well as marching bands and other performers.

Anthurium And Orchid Show
Anthurium and Orchid Show

The Beatrix Pavilion at Keukenhof Tulip Gardens will be hosting the Anthurium and Orchid Show from 23 March to 14 May 2023. Visitors can admire a vibrant indoor exhibition of these beautiful flowers, including orchids and anthuriums. Don't miss the opportunity to witness these colorful floral displays during your visit to Keukenhof.

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Chrysanthemums and Calla Show
Chrysanthemums and Calla Show

At the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, the Oranje Nassau Pavilion hosts a vibrant display of Chrysanthemums and Calla Show. From 4th May to 9th May 2023, you can witness the stunning beauty of these flowers up close. The pavilion is home to weekly flower shows that feature various Dutch flowers grown by local farmers. Every week, a new and enchanting display is put up to mesmerize visitors. Get ready to be enchanted by the bright colors and captivating scents of these unique flowers at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens.

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Carnation and Summer Flowers Show
Carnation and Summer Flowers Show

At the Oranje Nassau Pavillion, witness a stunning indoor floral display featuring Carnations and summer flowers. Each week, a different floral exhibition is presented, giving visitors a chance to marvel at the diverse array of flowers on display. This event promises to be a spectacular showcase of the best Carnations and summer flowers grown by Dutch cultivators. Make sure to check out the Carnation and Summer Flowers Show during your visit to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, happening from May 11 to May 15, 2023.

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 Events at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
Dance Performances

Experience a romantic journey to the past with the Romance at Keukenhof event. Enjoy classical music, dance performances, and immerse yourself in the ambiance of the 18th and 19th century with people dressed in period costumes. This special event takes place on May 7th and 8th, 2023, and is an opportunity to indulge in a unique cultural experience while surrounded by the beauty of the Keukenhof Gardens. Whether you come alone, with friends, or a loved one, the Romance at Keukenhof event promises to transport you to a magical world of music and dance.

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Keukenhof Garden Events For Children

 Events at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens For Childrens

Join Fien and Teun, the delightful farm children from Adventure Farm Molenwaard, at the Keukenhof Gardens event from 2nd to 6th May 2023. Enjoy fun games and learn about the Dutch countryside life on a farm located in the village of Molenwaard. The event is perfect for families with young children who want to have an enjoyable and educational experience. You can immerse yourself in the farm life culture while also discovering the colorful and vibrant tulip gardens at the Keukenhof. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to meet Fien and Teun and experience a day filled with fun and learning at the Keukenhof Tulip Garden Events.

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Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Activities

Keukenhof Whisper Boating
Whisper Boating

Experience the Dutch landscape in a unique way by enjoying a 60-minute ride on an electrically-powered whisper boat. The whisper boat ride allows you to take in the stunning beauty of the Keukenhof Gardens and the bulb growing area while learning about their history. The boat ride is available for everyone and is an excellent way to relax and unwind while enjoying the scenic view.

The ticket prices for the whisper boat ride are reasonable, making it accessible to all visitors.

  • Adults (incl. 65+) pay €9.00
  • Children between 4 to 11 years old pay €4.50,
  • Children between 0 to 3 years old can join for free.

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Cycling At Keukenhof Gardens

Discover the natural beauty of Keukenhof Gardens and its surroundings by renting a bike or a tandem bike. Renting options are available at the car park located next to the main entrance.

  • Bike rental prices starting from €10 for 3 hours, you can leisurely explore the stunning Dutch landscape, blooming flowers, and fresh air.
  • Kids’ bikes can also be rented for a lower price of €8 for 3 hours.
  • Tandem bikes are available for €25 for 3 hours. Make the most of your visit to Keukenhof Gardens and experience the breathtaking views on two wheels.

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