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Bike Rent Keukenhof offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the renowned Keukenhof Gardens and its surrounding area in Lisse, Netherlands. The garden itself, spanning over 32 hectares, is a breathtaking sight with more than 7 million flowers, including vibrant tulips, daffodils, and fragrant hyacinths, thoughtfully planted each year. Travelers from around the world are drawn to this enchanting destination. Besides strolling through the magnificent garden on foot, many opt to rent a bike, which has become a popular choice for experiencing the stunning tulip fields nearby.

At Bike Rent Keukenhof, tourists can easily obtain rental bikes to venture into the picturesque landscapes surrounding the area. There are four well-marked bike routes available, providing visitors with the perfect opportunity to discover the most beautiful flower fields and tulip attractions. Some of the must-visit places along these routes include the Tulip Farm De Tulperij, where a captivating array of tulip varieties awaits, the Tulip Experience Amsterdam, offering an immersive tulip-centric experience, and The Tulip Barn, a delightful spot to immerse oneself in the world of tulips. With Bike Rent Keukenhof's convenient bike rentals and the enchanting sights that await, travelers can create unforgettable memories amidst the colorful and captivating Dutch floral scenery.

Rental bike Near Keukenhof
Rental Bike Near Keukenhof

Bike Rent Keukenhof offers convenient and affordable rental bikes near Keukenhof, located at the parking area close to the main entrance. For just €11.00, visitors can rent a bike for three hours, providing ample time to explore the breathtaking cycle routes through flower fields and nearby tulip gardens. Renting a bike allows for greater flexibility in exploring the region and enjoying the scenic beauty while getting some exercise and fresh air. With clear bike routes provided, it's easy to navigate and discover the most stunning flower fields and tulip attractions in the area.

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Keukenhof Gardens Bike ride
Bike Routes Along the Tulips

Embarking on a bike adventure through Holland's tulip fields is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, made even more delightful with a bike rental from Bike Rent Keukenhof. The rental bikes offer access to four enchanting bike routes, each providing a unique and mesmerizing view of the colorful tulips. Pedal through the fragrant and picturesque tulip fields, passing by captivating tulip attractions like Tulip Farm De Tulperij, Tulip Experience Amsterdam, and The Tulip Barn. While the bike routes won't take you through the Keukenhof Gardens, a place exclusively for walking, parking your bike allows you to explore the park's beauty on foot.

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Keukenhof Local Guide
Keukenhof Bike Tour with Local Guide

For an immersive and informative experience exploring the stunning flower fields around Keukenhof, consider booking a guided bike tour. Led by knowledgeable local guides, these daily tours depart from Keukenhof and offer a glimpse of the most beautiful flower fields, accompanied by insights on the best spots to see tulips in full bloom. Along the way, you'll visit a breathtaking tulip show garden and learn about the fascinating history of tulips in the Netherlands. To secure your spot, it's advisable to book the guided bike tour in advance, as there is a maximum number of participants per tour. The tour, priced at €45.00, includes bike rental, a bottle of water, a Dutch stroopwafel, and entry to Tulip Experience Amsterdam, making it a worthwhile addition to your Keukenhof visit.

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Know Before You Go For Bike Rent In Keukenhof

Opening Hours

Bike Rent Keukenhof" has operating hours that align with the opening hours of Keukenhof. Typically, most bike rental companies are open during the same hours as Keukenhof, ensuring visitors have access to bicycles during their visit.

  • Bike Rent Keukenhof is open every day of the week, including weekends.
  • Operating hours are consistent throughout the week.
  • The opening time is 9:30 am.
  • The closing time is 7:00 pm.

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FAQ's of Bike Rent Keukenhof

Is it safe to cycle in the surroundings of Keukenhof?

    Yes, the area surrounding Keukenhof is relatively flat and has designated cycling paths, making it safe and enjoyable to cycle.

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