About Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands claim to be the world’s largest flower park. Every year in spring, Keukenhof opens only for two months to show off the best of narcissus (daffodils), crocuses, Dutch tulips, and other bulb flowers. Every year around 7 million flower bulbs are planted to spread overwhelming colours around the place.

The main attraction of Keukenhof is the flowers, but the park is a pure attraction for visitors of every age. Public art & performances, full-scale windmills, and unique displays add more attraction for the visitors of every age.

Keukenhof Gardens enthralls visitors with a delightful array of parades and special events. The flower parade, in particular, draws large crowds, presenting a unique and mesmerizing flower spectacle. As you wander through the bulb-growing areas, you'll be captivated by the vibrant hues of various colorful flowers. The parades feature magnificent floats adorned with flower bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, creating a breathtaking display.

In addition to the flower parade, Keukenhof's tulip park offers both indoor and outdoor sections brimming with beautiful blooms. Even if the weather turns rainy, you can still revel in the indoor flower attractions housed in five vast pavilions. Each pavilion boasts a distinct indoor display, providing a diverse and immersive floral experience. Moreover, every week, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy themed exhibitions showcasing different families of flowers, further enhancing your visit to this floral wonderland.

Shows At Keukenhof Gardens

Flower and Plant Show at Keukenhof Gardens
Flower and Plant Show

More than one hundred flower bulb growers showcase their best range of tulip flower bulbs at Keukenhof Garden. Over five hundred flower growers deliver the most beautiful florals for the flower shows, which take place in the Keukenhof garden. A total of 75,000 flower bulbs result in the mesmerising design of colourful stripes that are planted in the bed. So, in the Flower and Plant show at Keukenhof, you can enjoy the beauty of crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.

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Keukenhof Gardens Carnation and Summer Flowers Show
Carnation and Summer Flowers Show

Enjoy the colourful display of Carnation and numerous summer flowers in the indoor flower show. If you are someone who is keen to see the show carnation with summer flowers, you should visit the indoor flower shows of Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. The show is designed in such a way that even if you are regularly visiting, you will experience something unique, in your every visit. Feel the positive atmosphere filled with scents of the summer flowers and enjoy the summer filled with love and colours.

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Keukenhof Gardens Freesia and Gerbera Show
Freesia and Gerbera Show

The shows of Freesia and Gerbera are a feast for the eye which showcases the best of these species in the world, here at Keukenhof gardens. Sweet freesia floral scene fills the Oranje Nassau Pavilion at the park of Keukenhof. Long-stemmed flowers with cheerful yellow, vibrant red, pristine white, and soft blue will catch your attention and will surely spellbound you. During the show, the pavilion is also full of gerbera daisies, making the amazing show beautiful and complete.

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Anthurium and Orchid Show at Keukenhof Gardens
Anthurium and Orchid Show

In a very short span of 2 months, Keukenhof garden showcases Sutch horticulture, where flower shows are a permanent feature. At the Beatrix pavilion, with wonderful Anthurium and Orchid shows, the crowd has shown a positive result. This made the Anthurium and Orchid show at Keukenhof the show stopper. It displays huge tropical plants, which complement the exotic décor of the pavilion, along with a variety of Calatheas, Asparagus, Monsteras, and Strelitzias in the Beatrix pavilion.

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Types of Gardens at Keukenhof Gardens

Reconnection Garden at Keukenhof
Reconnection Garden

The Keukenhof Garden has a beautiful section of Reconnection Garden, which is made from sustainable materials and functions with the goal of giving back to nature. The place is best to visit with friends and family and reconnect with nature. The reconnection garden is full of various blooming tulips, which are unique and will offer you the strength to establish a connection with nature.

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Keukenhof Tropical Beach Garden
Tropical Beach Garden

The Tropical Beach Garden in the Keukenhof Garden park is the perfect location for chilling out as a tourist, where you get to enjoy the nice tropical atmosphere under the palm trees. Flowerbeds in the Tropical Beach Garden add exceptional beauty to the garden and hammocks and boats. Even if you are a local and want to cut yourself from the hustle and bustle of the Netherland city, you can come and get yourself lost in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the Tropical Beach Garden.

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keukenhof Green Tea Garden
Green Tea Garden

You can find a variety of green tea and herbs like lemon balm and mint in the garden. The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens park has a dedicated area for a green tea garden that grows various types of tea every year. You can avail the fresh green tea leaves from the garden shop and what could be more refreshing than a freshly made cup of the tea from the tulip garden.

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Keukenhof Cottage Garden
Cottage Garden

There is nothing more appealing than a cottage garden, which is equipped with more modern dwellings and forms a beautiful landscape at Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. Since the garden is located in a sunny area, the beautiful walkway beside it is unique and adds additional beauty. You can visit the cottage garden with friends and family and can spend a relaxing time at the cottage garden in Keukenhof.

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Keukenhof Red Romance Garden
Red Romance Garden

After a long and cold winter, Keukenhof enjoys the season of love and romance. To make the garden environment more romantic, a seductive theme is implemented, and you can enjoy the beauty of iconic lilies, irises, carnations, roses, orchids, daffodils, and hyacinths. Because of these themes, Keukenhof is the most stunning spring garden in Europe. There are various sitting areas where you can make yourself comfortable and feel the romantic atmosphere spread across the garden of tulips.

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Activities at Keukenhof Gardens

Boating at Keukenhof
Whisper Boating

To enjoy the unique beauty of blooming tulips visit Keukenhof Gardens and take a boating trip. Whisper boating is a trip which lets you witness the tulip fields from the water, offering a majestic backdrop. The boat trip duration is 45 minutes, and during this trip, you will get information about the various regions from where these flowers belong. The trip is perfect for people of all ages, and you can also get a chance to capture beautiful photos of the scenic beauty.

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Keukenhof Cycling

This unique tulip field in the Netherlands offers unique methods to explore the beauty of the blooming tulips. You can explore the garden by renting bikes. These bicycles with audio guides will guide you all, across the garden tour through a dedicated route in Keukenhof park. Rented bikes can be availed at Keukenhof bicycle rental, and every day a guided tour starts at a distance of 400m from Keukenhof.

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Keukenhof gardens Guided Tour
Guided Tour

The best method to explore Keukenhof's garden is to book a guided tour. With the guided tour, you can also learn about the painstaking efforts people put into creating the pristine beauty of the garden. With various Keukenhof guided tours, tourists can enjoy the park at their leisure. You should feel free to soak in as much as possible in the floral beauty. Also, with the help of a guided tour, you can save your time and money as you can get some cool discounts if you book online.

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Scavenger Hunt for Kids at Keukenhof Gardens
Scavenger Hunt for Kids

To keep the kids engaged in the garden, you can avail free tickets for a scavenger hunt for kids at the entrance. The amazing activity for kids is filled with brain teasers, challenging games, and amazing facts about tulip flowers. If the kid can finish the entire booklet, they are crowned as a tulip expert. Once the complete booklet is finished, you can pick up an amazing gift from the information desk located at the entrance.

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Animal Meadow for Kids in keukenhof garden
Animal Meadow for Kids

You will be surprised to know that the park offers an amazing view of beautiful flowers and has various cute animals that await to welcome you. One can roam around the park with rabbits, peacocks, pigs, and goats, and can play with these beautiful creatures and can pet them. Ensure not to harm the animals as they add beauty to this fantastic tulip park. People generally try to capture pictures with these beautiful animals, which is a different experience altogether.

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Find Your Way in Maze at Keukenhof gardens
Find Your Way in Maze

To make the Keukenhof garden more interesting, there are various activities where you and your friends can participate. These activities are free of cost and are made to add an exciting experience to your trip. So, enter the maze in Keukenhof park and try to find your way out by using your directional skills. Remember, the maze in the park is not that simple, you need to put your brain to work to find your way out.

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Facilities in Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens
  • Wi-Fi – At Keukenhof garden, you can get access to a free Wi-Fi facility. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the park and simultaneously upload the garden picks on social media with the help of a free Wi-Fi facility.
  • Lockers – You can store your essential items safely by availing the locker facility at the park. However, keep in mind that the lockers are meant to store only small things, and the size of the lockers will be 25x55x45. You can find a locker facility at the main entrance of the park.
  • Dogs at the park – At Keukenhof, you can bring your dogs with you. However, the dogs should be leashed, and there is a maximum limit of 1 dog per person. Remember that dogs are not allowed in restaurants and pavilions, except for guide or support dogs. Also, the park offers dog excrement bags for free of cost.
  • Wheelchairs – The Keukenhof facility is kind enough to offer the facility of electric wheelchairs. Also, you can find numerous toilets for differently abled people. You can also avail yourself of manual wheelchairs for rent. For that, go to the ticket counter and get it for €5. There will also be some security deposit, which will be refunded at the return time.
  • Food and Drinks – The garden has various restaurants. Keukenhof also has various beverage outlets and mobile food outlets. You can find these outlets spread across the park, so if you feel hungry while exploring the park, there is no need to cover a long distance to munch on something. You can easily find some options nearby.

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Places to Visit Near Keukenhof Gardens

LAM Museum
LAM Museum

LAM is a contemporary food museum in the Netherlands, which is equipped with international masterpieces. Apart from this, LAM is a personal and innovative museum that invites visitors to look at things with different perspectives. LAM museum is for personal development, where you can experience new art for 45 minutes. The architecture of LAM is extraordinary, and kids can have fun here, while every guest receives a warm VIP treatment.

Castle Keukenhof
Castle Keukenhof

The world-famous Tulip Garden is a part of Castle Keukenhof. The castle garden has been open for all the years and has various things to offer. Above all, Castle Keukenhof is free to visit, and the castle garden is known to be a unique attraction in the entire Holland. During the visit, you can enjoy gardens, monuments and obviously the flowers. The place is perfect for a nice walk, where tourists can also enjoy various shows and events. While visiting the castle, you can also explore cheese farms within just a few minutes’ walk from the castle.

Black Tulip Museum
The Black Tulip Museum

In the Black Tulip Museum, the visitors experience the flower bulb region followed by an interactive exhibition. School-going youth and family members can have a great experience here. The Black Tulip Museum will tell you about 500 years of regional history, labour in the field 100 years ago, and today. You can also learn about the science behind developing a variety of tulips. The black tulip museum is also known as Museum De Zwarte Tulp and is housed in the centre of Lisse and was once used for a bulb shed.

Huys Dever
Huys Dever

Huys Dever is a unique historical building in the Netherlands, from where you can view beautiful tulips fields on the south side of the castle. Here you will see the beauty of an old castle with modern cycle routes along with huge tulip fields. Various weddings and other events take place in this castle, hence, before planning a visit make sure the castle is open to visit for common people. Also, Huys Dever offers a perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful selfies which are perfect for your social media.

Explore Keukenhof Gardens

Explore Keukenhof Gardens

It is a breathtaking floral wonderland often referred to as the "Garden of Europe." Opened in spring, this enchanting attraction boasts a vast expanse of meticulously designed gardens, featuring over seven million vibrant tulips and a myriad of other flowers. Visitors from around the globe are treated to a sensory extravaganza as they wander through themed gardens, charming pathways, and intricate flower displays, immersing themselves in the epitome of Dutch horticultural artistry.

The Keukenhof experience extends beyond flowers, offering art exhibitions, cultural events, and even a windmill that provides panoramic views of the colorful landscape. This ephemeral masterpiece celebrates the Netherlands' historical connection with tulips, presenting a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and human creativity, making it a must-see destination for those seeking the essence of spring's allure.

Know Before You Go Keukenhof Gardens

Places to Dine
Places to Shop
Tips for Visiting Keukenhof Gardens
Restaurants at Keukenhof Gardens

There are various restaurants in the park from where you can grab some delicious food to satisfy your hunger. The restaurant at Keukenhof is the cosiest and will undoubtedly delight your taste buds with various cuisines. Many restaurants are just 15 – 20 minutes walking distance from the garden and offer a perfect environment to grab a tasty dinner. You can enjoy eggplant parmigiana starter, homemade pesto, Sicilian dishes, etc. served at the tables that are beautifully decorated with mesmerising tulips.

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    You need 2-3 hours to visit Keukenhof Gardens and the mesmerising beauty of tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens.

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